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Octoin is the international platform with the maximum number of investment tools for earning the money at crypto market. The Octoin Leaders have managed to implement the main principle of project which is to unite the world capital for professional influence of the crypto markets. Moreover, this unity will allow us to finance and get the profit from implementing the innovative ideas, perspective startup and trustful companies. Due to the merger, it became possible to realize the main idea of Octoin , i.e. the pooling of capitals for professional trading at maximum volumes, investments in proven ICO companies,and the use of efficient technologies in the mining of the main cryptocurrency, as well as a number of promising altcoins.

During the year, leading experts and large investors from a number of countries joined the OCTOIN international team: Great Britain, Germany, Poland, France, China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey. The exchange of experience and knowledge, work on the overall result allowed to take the leading positions in the market of cryptocurrencies.

Our goals:
  • Integration of our own cryptocurrency OctoinCOIN;
  • Expansion of the circle of users from among investors, traders and network leaders;
  • Provision of a simple, easy-to-use platform interface with maximum protection of user's cryptocurrency assets;
  • Increase in the scope of the Octoin team's influence among experts in the cryptocurrency market;
  • Creation of own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin;
  • Establishment of representative offices in countries that support and implement in their management mechanisms the block chain systems and cryptocurrencies;
  • Scaling Octoin services in the world cryptocurrency community;
  • Promoting the services of Octoin in non-standard ways, to ensure maximum interest from offline and online audiences.

Cryptocurrency is rapidly conquering the world. This is an alternative to all the classic ways of financial relationships.
Our mission is to make the cryptocurrency easy and affordable, so that everyone could freely enjoy all the benefits of cryptocurrency, regardless of their social status, skills, knowledge and capital.

We believe that if the appearance of the Internet has erased all boundaries, then crypto currencies can make everyone secure!
We can provide all the tools: multicurrency wallets with a full set of functions to keep and transfer funds both inside the wallet and using the external transactions; investments in mining, investments in trade, seven-level partner program, P2P-exchange, and possibility of opening a regional office. The choice is up to you!


The Octoin team is professional, balanced and time-tested. Each member supplements and strengthens other's possibilities: Analytical Department provides us with accurate forecasts, operating with the latest data, traders make advantageous transactions based on their reports, the miners increase their computing capacities by means of successful trade.Each member of our team is an expert in his or her business.

Octoin cooperates with large funds and market leaders, which have a significant influence on the current rates of cryptocurrency. Their support and access to insider information allows our company to minimize risks in all areas of activity.

There are 9 units of Octoin at the moment:
  • Trading Department– conducting trading on top-level cryptocurrency trading grounds
  • Mining Department– technical support of existing mining farms, support of computing capacity, replacement and upgrade of equipment, expansion of computing capacities and farm areas.
  • Analytics Department– leading experts-traders, the behavior of the cryptocurrency market, the strategy of operations conducting, the time of buying and selling tokens, the analysis of the flow of ICO companies for investing by our users.
  • Cryptocurrency Development Department– development and launch of its own cryptocurrency for use within the community, the introduction of advanced developments to optimize transaction speed and minimize costs within one OctoinCoin network.
  • Marketing Department– carrying out of advertising campaigns, promotion of Octoin investment programs and own OctoinCoin cryptocurrency
  • Technical Support Department– Multilingual department that supports customers at all stages of using the service.
  • Program Department– site update, server support, development and improvement of Octoin modules, technical support of users.
  • P2P-Exchange and Multicurrency Wallet Department– The control of operations carried out by users in order to ensure maximum security. Functioning of P2P-exchange and all directions of exchange of multicurrency crypto-wallet.
  • Legal Department– we cooperate with experts in the block chain jurisprudence. Legal support for ongoing operations, confidentiality and legality of investments.
Why us / Advantages / Solutions

The best solutions to get profit, reliable and well-thought-out ways of earning, honest partnership program, simple and convenient office with a wide range of functions, your own cryptocurrency with the ability to redeem tokens before the official withdrawal - each advantage is worth to become a part of OCTOIN.

And thus, this is a huge chance to increase capital, build a team of investors and earn cash in the market non-stop!

    The digital unit of our community is available to users of OCTOIN in strictly limited quantities even before the announcement of the official ICO company; thereby its popularity is already growing with our community.
    Portfolio investments are available, both according to the recommendations of our specialists, and your personal choice. Thanks to the smart designer, you will be able to customize a suitable portfolio, with completely different conditions.
    A number of equipment is available for various cryptocurrencies mining. The user independently chooses the cryptocurrency and the lease term of the equipment, the Company is responsible for everything else.
    The company provides 7-level income, and 7 partner statuses
    A unique environment created with OCTOIN resources. It was never easier to promote the harmoniously built block chain service.
    Guarantee of stable development of the project and the cryptocurrency of OctoinCoin.
    Opinions and expert advice, daily news feed.
    Profit, understandable in all languages!
    Protected accounts, two-factor authentication. Protection against DDoS attacks and TLS encryption.
    Platform with fully automated services.
    Convenient office, with full range of tools, the interface is accessible and simple for any user.
Road map
of the team
Market Research
Team Training
Search for investors
for the mining center
Origins of
Launch of
Mining Center
Launch of the octoin
platform development
Launch of the development
of OctoinCoin cryptocurrency
Launch of the
Launch of the
OctoinCoin cryptocurrency, Distribution
of OCC among Octoin
Search of partners by countries,
opening of office-centers
Scheduled upgrade
of the platform, connecting
new services
In 2017 Octoin users have earned more than 1600%!
Secret of success
  • powerful market
  • insider
But even this result is not the limit.

We are on the way of uniting hundreds of thousands of investors to further increase the impact on the market in an effort to earn on each significant rate movement.

Octoin offers dozens of options for investment portfolios. They differ in cryptocurrencies, terms, statuses, and additional options. Investors are given full freedom of choice in conditions of cooperation with the team of Octoin .

OctoinCoin accumulation program
  • Deposits in the Program are only done in OCC (hereinafter in cryptocurrency OCC). The daily profit in investment portfolios is accrued in OCC.
  • Octoin Company Traders are conducting the implementation of the upgraded OCC Program. The summarised daily profit is divided by all the investors of the Program according to the size of their portfolios (minus the Company fee).
  • The status of the user is influences the income of the user, the portfolio time period.
OctoinCOIN (OCC)

The Octoin company initiates the process of forming a group of investors between which the
the pre-mining of new cryptocurrency OctoinCOIN will be distributed!

  • Total volume of the pre-mining
    700 000 OCC
  • which are already available
    to all users
    for issuing the

Within the OCTOIN partnership program, each user is assigned a status that affects the partner accruals and adjusts the final percentage of the return on investment in trading.

OCTOIN has 7 statuses

  • UserIt is assigned to each user at the registration moment.
  • AssistantPartners with status Assistant receive additional 3% to the profit per day.
  • SupervisorPartners with status Supervisor receive additional 5% to the profit per day.
  • ManagerPartners with status Manager receive additional 7% to the profit per day.
  • LeaderPartners with status Leader receive additional 10% to the profit per day.
  • DirectorPartners with status Director receive additional 15% to the profit per day.
  • PartnerPartners with status Partner receive additional 20% to the profit per day.
  • Portfolio for 60 daysbrings a standard profit
  • Portfolio for 90 daysincreases daily profit by 5%
  • Portfolio for 120 daysincreases daily profit by 10%
  • Portfolio for 150 daysincreases daily profit by 12%

Become a miner without noisy equipment, energy costs and hassle to replace aging video cards and asic - this is only possible with Octoin!
We implemented a mutually beneficial mechanism for renting computing capacities - "We care about your investments and profits ".

If the user keeps his wallet open and he is having some amount of coins then he will get the right to enter the cryptocurrency mining process and will get for it regular remuneration.

The process of the single OCC mining is completely decentralised. About every 70 seconds the network chooses the creator of the next block among the users. The system uses the random choice formula to do this. It considers the size of the rate, the lowest value of the hash-function so that the richest members of the network would not enlarge their wealth only due to the higher balances.

It is possible to become a miner of the OctoinCOIN MINING Program. You do not need a noisy equipment for this, high electricity costs and special care to keep your PC working online 24 hours during 365 days a year.

The Development Department of Octoin has implemented the system of mutual hash-mining for all the users of cryptocurrency OctoinCOIN who wants to do mining of OCC and not to use their own PC resources for this. OCC Mining Program is working thanks to its own technological resources of Octoin company. It is done due to uniting of presented by all users at one single wallet of all the OCC coins in the OctoinCOIN system.

As per the Rules of OCC Mining, the company is responsible to get and spread among all the users of this program the mined coins amounted to 10% per month.

“Our cares is your investments and profit”

Lease Term

Octoin makes profitable the conditions for long-term rent of facilities. The longer the lease term, the lower the fee for processing the lease of computing capacities.

Look wider! Think globally!

Octoin offers not just the opportunity to receive passive income and pleasant bonuses.

Octoin is an international business on cryptocurrencies, trading and investments in ICO. This is a trend in which billionaires, politicians, owners of the largest companies invest. This is the future of financial relationships around the world. And today you are at the source!

  • Eric Schimdt
    CEO of Google
    "Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and an opportunity to create something that is not duplicated in the digital world and is of great value"
  • Peter Theil
    PayPal Founder
    "I think that Bitcoin is the first currency to change the world"
  • John McAfee
    McAfee Founder
    "You cannot stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere, and the world must change, and the world governments should evolve"
  • Chamath Palihapitiya
    Facebook Top Manager, billionaire
    "This money 2.0 is the greatest finding"
  • Ron Pal
    Republican congressman
    "I am aware of the political consequences of Bitcoin and I think that governments should remain aloof while ensuring that it is perfectly legitimate"
  • Al Gore
    45th Vice President of the United States
    "The fact that the Bitcoin algorithm can replace government functions... In fact should be quite a good news. I'm a big fan of Bitcoin"

Octoin is open to everyone!
We invite community leaders to cooperate, to jointly create the future in the cryptocurrency area. Become a full-fledged representative and owner of assets that daily bring income to you and your partners. The sizes of income depend on you only!
The scale of business is in your hands.

Octoin leaders receive:
  • Daily revenue from the partner structure
  • Additional percentage of income to personal investments in trade and mining
  • Large bonuses for a career promotion
  • Opportunity to open an official representative office of the Company
  • Personal assistant in technical support
  • Priority of requests: all appeals of Leaders are processed first of all
  • Unique materials developed by the marketing department to promote the Company
How to become a leader?

The leader of Octoin can be any registered user who has reached the status of Assistant.
There are 7 statuses in Octoin.

  • User
  • Assistant
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Leader
  • Director
  • Partner
  • Personal contribution from50 000 USD
  • User turnover10 000 000 USD
  • Active Users5 000
Partnership accruals from the amount of partner's profit in OCC programs
  • Program OCC
  • Mining OCC
  • 1 line10%
  • 2 line7%
  • 3 line5%
  • 4 line2%
  • 5 line1%
  • 6 line0.5%
  • 7 line0.5%

Important! After the deadline period of investment portfolio or renting of the mining equipment is over, the user has got the right to open a new porfolio or apply for the new rental of mining equipment during the next 72 hours. The investment amount will be relevant to his status. He can do this without loosing his previous status. After the specified period of time is over the system will automatically re-calculate the status of the user according to the Rules of Octoin.


Open the first Octoin representative office in your city!
Promote the Company's investment products, build a powerful team and earn even more!

What the Octoin Representative receives:
  • Exclusive right to open a representative office in the country, city with the address of the office on the official website of the Company;
  • Information support of the head office;
  • Teaching videos and text materials;
  • Instructions for operating activities: opening accounts, buying and selling cryptocurrency, creating queries and reports;
  • Publishing information about the Representative Office on the Company's website;
  • Advertising budget for the promotion of company products;
  • The rights of the Group Editor in the social network "Facebook";
  • Special conditions, bonuses, premiums.
Procedure for opening a representative office

The representative office is opened on the basis of the application of the leader, filed in accordance with the established procedure and with the following requirements:

  • The applicant must personally attain the Assistant status in Octoin;
  • The applicant must become the Leader of Octoin in the region;
  • The applicant must conduct at least 3 presentations of investment products of Octoin in the region of the planned opening of the office and submit a photo report to Octoin ;
  • Issue an application for the Representative Office opening.
Become a Representative of Octoin