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How to register in Octoin?
  • 1Find the registration form on the left side of the site.
  • 2Enter your email, password below and repeat the password.
  • 3Click on the link that comes to your email to confirm your account registration.
How to replenish the balance of Octoin wallets?
  • 1In Octoin, by default, several wallets are active in the user's office: USD, OCC, BTC, LTC, ETH and ZEC. To top up the selected purses - open the purses tab on the right side of the screen and click the down arrow next to the icon of the selected crypto currency (for example bitcoin), from the appeared buttons click "ADD".
  • 2In the next step, a window with a wallet address and a QR code will appear, to which you can transfer the desired number of coins.
  • 3Replenishment is complete, expect a minimum of 3 (for BTC) network confirmation to display funds on the balance of your Octoin cabinet.
In the Octoin list, by default there is no purse of the desired crypto currency, how to add?
  • 1Open the purses tab on the right side of the screen and click on the "Add purses" button at the bottom of the tab.
  • 2In the opened window, check the necessary and uncheck the unnecessary crypto currencies.
  • 3Save your changes by clicking on the "APPLY" button.
How to make an investment in trading?
  • 1Replenish your wallet balance
  • 2Go to page "TRADING"
  • 3Choose the portfolio investment currency: USD, OCC (recommended), BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH or ZEC
  • 4Specify the date of placement: 30, 60 (+ 5%), 90 (+ 10%), 120 (+ 12.5%), 150 (+ 15%) days
  • 5If desired, activate the service - rate insurance
  • 6If desired, activate the service - early closing of the portfolio
  • 7Check if all the selected parameters match the desired parameters and click "INVEST"
  • 8Daily profit accrual in Investment program in trading without the option "rate insurance" will occur only in the investment currency
Pay attention! Users investing in OCC always have more advantages and benefits !!!
  • 1Choose currency for investment
  • 2The rate of the selected currency at the time of the creation of the investment portfolio
  • 3Amount of days
  • 4Bonus for choosing long terms is calculated in % of the amount of daily profit
  • 5Investment amount input field
  • 6Bonus for the investment in OCC is charged in % of the amount of daily profit
  • 7Bonus for the user status is charged in the form of % of the amount of daily profit
  • 8Rate insurance. Service cost -30% of daily profit
  • 9Early closure of the portfolio. The cost of the service is 30% of the daily profit. Commission for early closure of the portfolio before 30 days from the moment of opening the portfolio -20% of the investment amount. The commission is not charged for closing the portfolio after 30 days.
  • 10Total percentage of accruals on the portfolio over the last 30 days
  • 11Daily accruals over the last 7 days
How to invest in mining of crypto currency?
  • 1Replenish the balance of the wallet;
  • 2Go to the page “MINING”;
  • 3Choose the Crypto currency for ETH or ZEC mining;
  • 4Specify the rented hash rate;
  • 5Select the lease term for the hash rate from the proposed options: 30, 60, 90 or 200 days;
  • 6Choose a crypto currency for payment for the service. Attention: if you pay in OCC the discount is 3%, in OCC it is always more profitable!
  • 7Confirm your application by clicking the button - START MINING
  • 1Choose an investment currency
  • 2Choose crypto currency available for mining
  • 3Hash rate, choosing the number of packages
  • 4Total cost of renting the selected volume of a hash rate in the selected period of time
  • 5Term of lease of capacities
  • 6Total accruals for the last 30 days under the conditions selected by you
  • 7Daily allowance for the last 7 days under the conditions selected by you
Will my user's status be re-calculated after closing of the investment portfolio or end of miners rental?
Yes. The system is constantly analyzing that the users’ assets are in accordance with the conditions of leaders statuses at Octoin.
After the deadline period of investment portfolio or renting of the mining equipment is over, the user has got the right to open a new porfolio or apply for the new rental of mining equipment during the next 72 hours. The investment amount will be relevant to his status. He can do this without loosing his previous status. After the specified period of time is over the system will automatically re-calculate the status of the user according to the Rules of Octoin.
What is OCC?
OCC - ICO start of Octoin Coin Cryptocurrency, is planned in May 2018, today it is an internal unit for settlements between Octoin users. After the launch of the crypto currency, each holder will be able to withdraw the OCC to his personal crypto wallet.
Where I can purchase OCC?
You can buy OCC from the company and on the domestic p2p exchange from other users, after the start of the OCC crypto currency in May 2018, it can be bought and sold on all major exchanges.
How to buy / sell OCC at the company rate?
  • 1Go to page p2p-exchange
  • 2In the OCC Bank field click the button - Buy / Sell;
  • 3In the open window enter the desired amount of OCC;
  • 4Confirm purchase/sales
How to buy / sell OCC or any crypto currency on a p2p exchange?
  • 1Go to page p2p-exchange
  • 2In the "Create order" window, select the currency you give and the currency you receive
  • 3Enter amount in field "I give"
  • 4Complete the order execution, click on the button - Create order;
  • 5Make sure that your order has appeared in active orders table below.
How many accounts can I create?
Octoin does not approve the creation of multiple accounts in the system. Each user can register no more than one account. For violation of this rule, the identified multi accounts will be blocked.
Can I make withdrawal a profit from the available programs on daily basis?
Yes, you can convert the received profit into the desired crypto currency at the p2p exchange and withdraw it daily.
When does the daily accrual of mining and investment portfolios take place?
Daily at 23:59:59 (By Greenwich time GMT+0)
How much is the fee for replenishment and withdrawal of Crypto currency in Octoin?
  • Payment systemReplenishmentWithdrawal
  • PerfectMoney0.00%1.00%
  • AdvCash0.00%1.50%
  • Payeer0.00%1.50%
  • BitCoin0.00%0.30% (Min: 0.000500 BTC)
  • Ethereum0.00%1.00%
  • LiteCoin0.55%1.00%
  • Dash0.55%1.00%
  • Ethereum Classic0.55%1.00%
  • BitConnect0.55%1.00%
  • Zcash0.55%1.00%
  • BitcoinCash0.00%0.50% (Min: 0.003000 BCH)
  • Ripple0.55%1.00%
  • DogeCoin0.55%1.00%
  • Stratis0.55%1.00%
  • Waves0.55%1.00%
  • Lisk0.55%1.00%
  • Tether0.55%1.00%
  • Steem0.55%1.00%
  • MaidSafeCoin0.55%1.00%
  • NEM0.55%1.00%
  • Byteball0.55%1.00%
  • Decred0.55%1.00%
  • GameCredits0.55%1.00%
  • DigiByte0.55%1.00%
  • PIVX0.55%1.00%
  • Nexus0.55%1.00%
  • SysCoin0.55%1.00%
  • PeerCoin0.55%1.00%
  • BlackCoin0.55%1.00%
  • PrimeCoin0.55%1.00%