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OctoinJanuary 04, 2018
Instruction: Account security and Telegram connection!

Go to Settings:
Fill in your details in profile: name, surname, choose the country from the list;
Write your mobile number, unique nickname (which is going to be shown in the chats on our website);
Copy and paste your account links from Facebook and Google+;
Write down the mobile number of your messengers (which you use often) and your nickname there;

All details in this section are filled in separately. They might be needed for placing your profile at the Leaders section in the future.

Put a tick at “Show contacts” and save changes.

Connection of users account to Telegram

The abilities and security level of Telegram messenger is in accordance to the highest standards. Therefore we recommend to use it in connection to your Octoin account.

In order to connect Telegram make the following steps:

Open Telegram application following this link =>> telegram.me/octoin_bot) or open Telegram and find bot @octoin_bot using the search;
Send to Telegram-bot @octoin_bot your verification code from your Octoin account.

If you have done everything correctly then you will see a new message: “Your Telegram is successfully connected”.

For security reasons of Octoin users accounts there are installed:

2 levels security before login to the account and 2 levels security of transactions using the multi-currency wallet.

Installation of 2 level security login to the account

As a default there is a simple entry using login and password (not recommended).

It is recommended to use 2 factor authentication. For this click on the tick of chosen method of receiving the code for entry to the account.


To receive the password to Telegram. While activating this method the password for account login will be sent to your Telegram which you have connected to your account;
To receive the password to your Email. While activating this method the login password will be sent to your email;
Protection using the Google authenticator. For activation of this method download the application for iOS or Android. Scan the QR code using the Google authenticator application on your smartphone. After the scanning you will see 6 digit random number. Type these 6 digits in to complete the installation process.

Important notice! Save 16 digits key for restoring the access. If you lose this 16 digits key then the restore of your account will be impossible.

Confirm your actions: enter your account password.

Protection while making the wallet transactions:

Such password tuning is done in complete accordance to the Security login to the Account.

We are strongly not recommending to let as it is set by default the setting for account login using only the password. Choose the method of receiving the password from 3 following additional options:
To receive password by Telegram;
To receive password by Email;
Protection using Google authenticator.

For this please put a flag to the chosen method and confirm it by changing the password of your account.

The Installation of the account security is complete.

It video can be viewed in 6 different languages, available: 

English       - https://youtu.be/3y8RBLcBhWI
Chinese      - https://youtu.be/Fqj-3B34-oo
Indonesian  - https://youtu.be/zUsVpoQfY2A
Portuguese  - https://youtu.be/-Iu-C3XZm1k
Turkish       - https://youtu.be/nkyJkmR1Tos
Vietnamese - https://youtu.be/eLv_GfaEX7U