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OctoinJanuary 06, 2018
Chinese Media started to write publications about Octoin!

Octoin is successfully conquering China. This project is rapidly growing in China. The publications about Octoin have been written in a few Media channels.

The progressive crypto platform for work with electronic money which is presented by Octoin is highly evaluated by experts as well as by ordinary users who are interested in cryptocurrency investments.

As Chinese journalists have noticed, OCC which is developed by Octoin, is very profitable and convenient tool for investments.
The experts believe that OCC is as perspective as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Now it is very easy to buy OCC with the price of 1 USD per coin or to invest in trading.

The Media write that only in a few months after its start Octoin will get the highest price by the crypto communities in China.
The Chinese Octoin Leaders have presented with a great success their speech at China Blockchain Technology Application Summit 2017 (BTAS2017). It took place on December 21, 2017 in Shanghai.

BTAS2017 is the Asia’s largest blockchain conference, organised by Topco China, China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and China National Automation Association in Canada, Blockchain Laboratory.

Octoin just started to work in China. However, it already became the prize winner of “Gold chain”. Octoin won as an “outstanding blockchain project”, as it was noticed by Media.