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OctoinJanuary 07, 2018
Instruction: Octoin's Affiliate Programme!

From the main page of our website please got to the menu on the left of the screen to the section “Team”.

On this page you will see:

Your referral link (click for copy and send it to the people for registration in your team);
Information about your invited people. Here are the details of all 7 levels down. You can see the total number of people and the number of active people among them.
Total bonuses from investment portfolios and total bonuses from mining. All numbers in USD are showing how much bonuses was credited to you from investments made by all your referrals (invited) team members at the Trading and Mining programs.
At the very bottom there is forming a tree of all your referrals. You can see the detailed information about each of them (open the user’s statistics).
At the “Statistics” section is located all the history of all bonused credited to your account. Any time you can see and analyse these data.
“The advertising materials”. In this section there are located banners of different size in 10 languages. Use them in your work. This section will be constantly refilled with new materials.

Types, requirements and sizes of Partnership programs.

For upgrading your systems status please read the requirements for acquiring statuses in Octoin. The full information about the statuses is located at the “Leaders statuses” section.

By clicking on buttons-statuses you can identify the necessary volumes of personal investment. Also, you can see the structures turnover and the number of active users necessary for reaching the desired level of partnership bonuses. Using this calculator you can see how much bonuses you will get from each level while you will reach each of 7 levels of Octoin statuses. Partnership bonuses are credited to your account on a daily basis from the total structure’s profit. These bonuses are available for immediate withdrawal.

In Octoin there are 2 types of partnership bonuses:

Partnership bonuses from the investments of the partner. They are credited once from the amount of the partner’s investments.
Partnership bonuses from the profit of the partner. These bonuses are credited on a daily basis from the daily profit of the partner.

Use the maximum profitability from Octoin partners! Increase the level of personal investments into the programs and actively recommend Octoin. Your status will be increased to the Partnership. Moreover, there will be an increase not only the amount of your daily profit from investments. This is envisaged in both investment programs. Also, the volumes of your one-time bonuses from the investments of your partners, but also the daily bonuses from the daily profits from partners.

This is respectable reversed investment from Octoin company into your future!

English - https://youtu.be/3DohwL4z2rA
Chinese - https://youtu.be/wI67rn4axHc
Indonesian - https://youtu.be/BUiImo3DnBs
Portuguese - https://youtu.be/0WD2245CGw0
Vietnamese - https://youtu.be/dqkCffx1SUc