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OctoinJanuary 07, 2018
Don’t miss the chance to win $ 2018! Applications are accepted until the 10th January!

Just over a week ago we announced a winter contest for the best Octoin logo. We had to sum up yesterday,on the 6th January, but received a huge number of letters from you with requests to give more time for preparation. Therefore, we decided to extend the reception of applications until the 10th January, and on the 12th January webinar announce the winner!

The basic information you can learn from this news https://octoin.com/news/n85. This is a great opportunity to improve your logo or join the competition for an impressive amount of money. Don’t miss it!

P.S Do not forget that the task is to create OCTOIN LOGO out of some things. It should not be a photoshop picture but the word "OCTOIN" or "OCC" created by using some things. Please check the example.

We wish everyone good luck!