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OctoinJanuary 09, 2018
Sina Media writes about Octoin: OCC has attracted the attention of the investors!

Well known Chinese internet portal Sina Media has published a large article about Octoin development in China. The experts could not simply stand by and watch the phenomenon of Octoin which is growing so fast all over China.

You can read the full version of article by Sina Media here http://k.sina.com.cn/article_5558239218_14b4bfff2001001uc0.html?from=finance&subch=foreign

OCC, which is getting prepared for release to the exchangers, has created a real success among Chinese investors. “People are no longer bring their money to the bank for saving. They invest into OCC and earn even more money”, writes Sina Media.
Why is it profitable? This question the journalists are trying to answer while they study Octoin’s activities.

Octoin is the international financial organisation which has developed the most progressive crypto platform for working at the electronic money market. Also, Octoin is preparing its own cryptocurrency to release. The experts think that OCC is so rapidly growing in its success around the world because it is such an effective investment tool.

Anyone can purchase OCC. It is enough to open the electronic wallet at octoin.com, purchase OCC or to trust the professionals who trade the cryptocurrencies.

At the end your money is saved at the electronic wallet. At the same time it is working for you, its amount is increasing, as per the experts publishment. They summarise, that now it is the right time to invest in OCC while it is still traded at its minimum price of 1 USD per coin.