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OctoinJanuary 11, 2018
Chinese TOP Media writes about Octoin competition!

Sohu Media, which is included in TOP-50 of Chinese Media, have written about Octoin competition for Octoin participants all over the world.

For the New Year 2018 Octoin is giving the opportunity for anyone to win 2018 USD!

As the journalists have published, for the participation in this competition is it necessary to send your photo with OCC or Octoin logo to the email: [email protected]. The photo should be with a clear Octoin logo made from any New Year or snow materials (ale brunches or fir cones, etc).

The full version of the article by Sohu Media you can read here https://www.sohu.com/a/214158975_819128

Another Netease Media channel, have also published the article about Octoin competition and opportunity to win 2018 US dollars. They clarify that anyone who makes Octoin logo from any winter, Christmas or New Year materials (like snow, ale brunches, fir cones, christmas decorations etc) has got a chance to win in this competition! Send your photos in pdf, gif, jpg or png format.
The full story by Netease Media can be read here http://dy.163.com/v2/article/detail/D75E90P80511KUIU.html

The competition “Win 2018 USD for the New Year!” is not only for the users from China, Indonesia and Vietnam, the leader countries of Octoin in South East Asia, but also for Nigeria, India, Turkey, Philippines, EU and other countries.
Also, please note that due to many requests this competition was prolonged until January 12, 2018.

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