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OctoinConferencesJanuary 11, 2018
A little about the conference in Malang! On January 3

On January 3, a large-scale Octoin conference was held in Malang, Indonesia. Professional speakers, members of our team told future investors about blockchain and various cryptocurrencies.

Of course, our project Octoin was also discussed. Our lector had explained in details about the differences and the advantages of our platform, as well as about the convenient instruments for trading, mining opportunities and fast p2p exchanger.

Leaders from Indonesia continue to surprise us with their enthusiasm and energy. The great progress of our company happened in many respects thanks to the members of the team from Indonesia. Thanks them for this and we hope that leaders from other countries will follow their example.

If you suddenly missed the conference - watch the video report (https://youtu.be/Ax7rq0THQwA) and come again next time. And in the video section on our website you can find many other interesting materials https://octoin.com/video/.

Octoin - your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!