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OctoinJanuary 13, 2018
New crypto currency coming soon!

Dear Octoin users!

The Development Department of Octoin is informing us about the final stage of testing. Soon there will be a start of testing network cryptocurrency OctoinCoin. The cryptocurrency is intended to be used inside the Octoin community. It already consists of all the modern blockchain developments for optimisation of transactions speed inside the network (such as Segwit and Lighting Network), as well as the algorithms of minimising the costs.

As it was already announced, the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency is based on the Proof of Stake algorithm. Its mining will take place on PCs of all its users with the help of desktop wallets of OctoinCoin. In order to start the mining it will be enough to purchase the cryptocurrency. Therefore, the users who already have got some OCC on their balance will be in the more favorable position. They will have the priority opportunity to exchange the internal OCC units for the new cryptocurrency OctoinCoin.

Moreover, we would like to inform all the users that as a result of many meetings with the Leaders of Octoin, we decided to set up the mining percentage of OctoinCoin at 20% per month. The premine of OctoinCoin is strictly limited to 700 000 coins. Considering the integration of the cryptocurrency into the Octoin project its cost will be set up at 1 OctoinCoin = 100 USD.

ATTENTION TO ALL USERS! Due to all of the above, 14.01.2018-15.01.2018 there will be done a process of recalculation of all the balances of users of OCC as per the cost of OctoinCoin cryptocurrency and the established premine. The value of all the assets of OCC users will stay the same.

OCC bank will continue to work as usual until all the premine will be sold out. Besides, our experts are already working on establishing the co-operation relationship with the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

The priority goal for the developers is creation of the efficient and technological crypto wallet with its usage at the desktop. This goal will be accomplished after the start of the working network of OctoinCoin. The next step for us will be the development of mobile OctoinCoin applications for IOS and Android.

Octoin Coin is one coin for the business, savings and living!