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OctoinJanuary 14, 2018
The correction of the daily profits of OCC!

Dear users! Octoin community is completely ready for transition to OctoinCoin cryptocurrency!

On 14.01.2018 after the accruals of daily profits, the correction of balances of OCC users at the 1:1 rate will be done. This way, the amazingly huge actives of Octoin users will be align in a complete accordance with the characteristic of our starting cryptocurrency OctoinCoin.

Two decisions about the limitations of premine to 700 000 coins and increase of our internal coins cost were taken not only to show the world blockchain community the real value of pre-start cryptocurrency OctoinCoin. It was also done for fast, confident and convenient integration with exchanges where OctoinCoin is planned to be included in the listing.

Attention!!! As of 15.01.2018 the cost of our internal OCC unit is equal to 100 USD! This correction will be processed at the OCC Bank in the P2P exchange section.

Congratulations to all users of Octoin with this first and massive accomplishment of our project in crypro economy! We are sure that this is just the first step of the way of our expansion to the cryptocurrency world!

Octoin is your trustful Partner in the cryptocurrencies world!