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OctoinJanuary 15, 2018
Dear users, today on January 15, the OCC balance adjustment was taken place!

The balances in the purses of all OCC users are adjusted at the rate of 1:100. Now the cost of the OCC is $ 100! This is done in order to bring the assets of members of the Octoin community into line with the parameters of the starting OctoinCoin crypto currency.

Thus, the Octoin team has achieved compliance with the requirements of international exchangers. In order to trade on large trading platforms, the price of a cryptocurrency should be not less than $ 100. This provides cryptocurrency with investor support and further development.

We encourage our users to place sales orders for 1 OCC as $ 100 on the p2p exchange. By increasing OCC's turnover on this site, you will support the value of the crypto currency in all markets, which will ultimately lead to an increase in your initial investment.