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OctoinJanuary 16, 2018
Chinese Daily Express: Invest in to ОСС now!

Daily Express, which is in the TOP-30 of Chinese Media, thinks that OctoinCoin (ОСС) can repeat the destiny of Bitcoin.

Octoin is an international financial organisation which developed the progressive crypto platform for working at the market of electronic money. At this moment, the company is preparing for release to exchanges new OCC cryptocurrency.

The experts have highly evaluated the potential of this innovation. They even predict OCC to repeat the destiny of Bitcoin. OCC will have PoS algorithm of mining. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is the algorithm which is used by the new generation of cryptocurrencies. The advantage of PoS is that instead of using huge computing powers (like in Proof-of-Work) for the successful mining of cryptocurrencies, it is enough for the user to have a large share in the system itself.

The full article of Daily Express you can read here http://kuaibao.qq.com/s/20180102A0DOLR00.

As the publishment writes, at the beginning Octoin was planning the full value release of OCC in May 2018. However, due to the high demand, it became possible to make the release of OCC faster. OCC should be released to the market in January this year.
Now, before the official release, OCC is traded at the minimal price. Therefore, as the experts write, it is better not to loose the moment and to invest in this perspective innovation now.