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OctoinJanuary 18, 2018
OctoinCoin is coming to the exchange market!

Our cryptocurrency continues to develop: at this moment there are negotiations going on with more than 20 different exchanges. We discuss with them the details of OctoinCoin release and the further cooperation. We have made the first step towards this direction. The conversion of 1:100 of OctoinCoin have already been done. It was one of the request from the international exchanges that we are going to cooperate with.

There is not much time left while you can still buy OCC premine. In only a few days the cost price of OctoinCoin will increase and you will be able to buy it only at the exchanges by doing the exchange orders with other people. Therefore, for everybody who wants to earn and invest profitably we advise not to lose time and to invest now into OctoinCoin. You can still buy it now while it is still at the low price. Do not lose the opportunity of earning even now when the market is not stable, many people are at panic and are selling their assets.

Very soon everyone will be able to buy OctoinCoin and to trade with it at the largest exchanges. It will not only give the people the opportunity to invest into the safe and perspective cryptocurrency but also will support the project and the community of Octoin. We hope that in the very near future all the issues will be solved and there will be cooperation with the different exchanges.

Follow the news. Soon there will be many of them! Stay with us!

Octoin is your Trustful Partner in the cryptocurrency world!