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OctoinJanuary 18, 2018
The results of the competition for 2018 dollars! On the webinar on January 12th!

So the 2018 USD New Year contest of the most creative and original Octoin logos came to an end. The competition was held from December 27 to January 10, participants had to make the Octoin logo from various items related to the winter and New Year themes.The first three places received $ 500 each, the fourth - $ 300, the work that was in fifth place - $ 218.

Below you can see the winners and their work.

1st place - https://handouts-live.s3.amazonaws.com/f07b3163cf0544f28d87b0426fe0202f?sessionId=3361961699130041867&participantId=700002
[email protected] - 500 $

2nd place - https://handouts-live.s3.amazonaws.com/8b2bc3dea80c4b4d860b63210f74431f?sessionId=3361961699130041867&participantId=700002
[email protected] - 500 $

3rd place - https://handouts-live.s3.amazonaws.com/c7f3c63be4904dada72b80b3478ffad0?sessionId=3361961699130041867&participantId=700002
[email protected] - 500 $

4rd place - https://handouts-live.s3.amazonaws.com/621bd38ffb28419bb09d49af0ef767e6?sessionId=3361961699130041867&participantId=700002
[email protected] - 300 $

5th place - https://handouts-live.s3.amazonaws.com/4149151cfaf14dc4b73c3c1dd9d8dd43?sessionId=3361961699130041867&participantId=700002
[email protected] - 218 $

Link to the video, where you can see photos of not only the winners, but also other participants: https://youtu.be/pIQZNyCsGC4
We invite everyone to continue to participate in contests, to win and earn money. Octoin gives an excellent opportunity for this - use it!

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