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OctoinJanuary 19, 2018
Starting the OctoinCoin!

Our team is pleased to announce the imminent start of our cryptocurrency. Soon you will be able to use all the opportunities associated with OctoinCoin.

Checking the OctoinCoin code is completed and the electronic wallets are ready to be launched. Purses will be available for download immediately after the official launch of the network (the test network has already been launched and tested). Also passed the last phase of preparation: premining is carried out, and the genesis is formed.

The process of formation of the genesis block takes time, and any honest company will not neglect this process. This affects the quality of the network and ensures no errors, and also provides reliable transactions in future operations of the platform.
All the stages of preparation for launch have been successfully carried out, moreover, this was done ahead of schedule. Expect the launch in the near future. Also, there will be held a series of training webinars on using the wallet. Thanks to us you will learn how to become a real professional and how to competently invest in crypto-currencies.

Octoin - your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!