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OctoinJanuary 21, 2018
Octoin management update webinar

Dear participants,
yesterday Octoin senior manager Kate Grace replied the questions and updated all the community about recent new.

You can listen to the webinar and get all the information https://youtu.be/VSTe4ljTumc

The agenda of the webinar was:

- mining question
- bear trend in trading of recent 2 weeks
- OCC futures trading
- trading platform lisiting
- OCC pre-mining, price, mining pool
- analytic information from department

Also specialist from Analytic department Mike Kutcher enlightened us about the main tendencies of the cryptocurrency market.

"Now we obviously observe bear trend in trading, when the price to the top "cryptos" dropped, however, it is a good sign to all long-term traders. After each trend there is a reverse trend, in our situation it will be bull trend, when all the price will jump like year ago to 25-50% so be wise, do not panic and expect the correction" - Mike said.

We also remind you that genesis of pre-mine will be finished within 36 hours, so be ready to test OCC blockchain wallet soon

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