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OctoinJanuary 22, 2018
Last preparations!

It remains a very little time before the opening of a new era of development of our project: a full-fledged launch of our OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. The tasks for testing the systems readiness to work with OctoinCoin are almost completed. Until now there are several more work processes that have been going on:

- There already have been successful extraction of the first genesis block (POW). All the planned pre-mine of coins is located for now at the main system’s wallet.

- Users' wallets pass the latest tests and adapt to the Windows and Mac.

- The algorithm Proof-of-stake (POS) is ready for start and will take about another 12 hours (as per our IT Team forecast). The start of working network can happen earlier as well if everything goes faster than expected.

After the successful completion of these procedures, users will be able to download the Desktop wallets and withdraw their coins from their Octoin accounts to these wallets.

Important information! When you do your FIRST DOWNLOAD of the OctoinCoin wallet for coin transfer, you need to import your address into the Octoin office in the corresponding section.

After receiving OctoinCoin on their accounts, users will be able to start trading on the following crypto exchange markets: Yobit and Exrates. The Marketing Department of Octoin is in the process of discussions and negotiations with over 20 top world crypto exchanges. We will keep informing our users in our news when there will be new successful listings of OCC.

Watch the news and stay with us - there are still many discoveries and victories ahead together with OctoinCoin!