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OctoinJanuary 23, 2018
The latest news on OctoinCoin launching!

Dear investors!

Today we have prepared for you two important news: about the progress of the OctoinCoin network testing and something exclusive.

The main news is that the development team integrates the algorithms of cryptocurrency very carefully and responsibly. Also, at a moment there is ongoing testing stage of some important algorithms of the user wallets, such as:

• protection from dual transactions,
• signing of new blocks (mining),
• setting up of configuration which is responsible for the calculation of the total amount of remuneration in the system and its random distribution among all active nodes-users.

The process took more time than it was planned before.

We were assured that the release of the working network will take additional maximum of three days. We make every effort to ensure that the test period is completed as soon as possible. We apologize for our previously published inaccurate forecast on the timing of the launch and implementation of the cryptocurrency.

Next news: employees of all departments of our company are involved in preparation for the start of the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. Right now there under the development are the following:

A complete set of instructions (in several languages) for downloading, installing and using the functionality of wallets. Also the technical documentation (white paper of cryptocurrency) on the open code of cryptocurrency, its purpose and integration into all possible external projects. Moreover, there is a registration of repository on the github with the open access is in the progress.

Please note that during the technical work the program of accumulation and mining continues to accrue daily income in the usual operating mode.

And finally, for all those who read our news here is an exclusive video of OCC crytowallet testing directly from the host of Developer OctoinCoin. We have requested this video for your courtesy so you can appreciate the convenience and new technical solutions used in a cold wallet - https://youtu.be/owIbmSXoO5Q

Follow the official news of our project and do not miss a series of training posts from our department of analytics and training: "The sophisticated technology in simple words."

Octoin is a new era of blockchain!