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OctoinJanuary 26, 2018
News from the iron workshop!

The final launch of the OctoinCoin is getting closer and it can not but rejoice. Our programmers told us about the ongoing work on our cryptocurrency. We took all the information we had and now we give you the main points.

The code of the cold wallet OctoinCoin is laid out on the GitHub. What does this mean? - you ask. This means that, in confirming the seriousness of their intentions and goals, our team put the written code into open access, actually starting beta-testing. On GitHub, a major IT resource, at the moment anyone can find the code of the desktop version of the cold wallet OctoinCoin.

After the end of beta testing, our programmers will analyze the received reports about mistakes and bugs, after which they will improve and fix the code. When this stage is complete we will go directly to the alpha test - the final launch of OctoinCoin. A link to it you can find here: https://github.com/OctoinCoin/octoin

Octoin - new era of blockchain!