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OctoinJanuary 27, 2018
Dear members of the Octoin community!

Now we can officially declare that OctoinCoin (a new generation of cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology) is available to all users. Please download the wallets. Also, you can have a look at the code and test it on the GitHub (https://github.com/OctoinCoin/octoin).

We urge you to remember that the number of coins at the time of launch is strictly limited and most of them are already located in programs. So there are relatively few of the coins which are traded on the market now. Therefore, we advise you not to sell tokens below the recommended rates (100 USD and more for 1 OCC). On the contrary, think strategically for the long run when you can multiply your savings and expect large growth.

Moreover, we have carried out a global update. We believe that many of you have noticed a lot of changes designed to make your work and use of our platform more convenient and faster. This is done for all of you as well as for employees of our company. We express our gratitude to you for your patience and assure you that we will not stop on the road to success. We hope that you will pass this way with us and share the profits that we will receive from our project. Honesty and openness are our main principles. Therefore, we will continue to share our plans and success with you!

Below we inform you about the main points of our plans:

- First goal is to increase in the number of partners among the exchanges. We continue full-scale work on attracting various trading platforms to work with us. Negotiations are conducted with representatives of the largest exchanges in the market. The wider our currency will be presented in the market the more it will cost. Therefore, we advise you not to sell it ahead of time but to expect future development.

- Second goal is the stability of marketing policy. We will continue to use our principles of promoting and supporting our community. Competitors may not try to look for contradictions and changes as they do not exist. We will continue to work and develop OctoinCoin together with our investors.

- Last important goal is strengthening in the world market. Our team will continue to use and strengthen our main competitive advantage: a community around the world. Traders and businessmen from all parts of the world support us. We appreciate it and continue to develop the company in accordance with their interests.

Thank you for staying with us. Despite all the difficulties only victories are ahead of us! Therefore, let’s get patient, keep on working and become rich.

Octoin is a new era of blockchain!