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OctoinJanuary 29, 2018
Octoin Leader gave an interview to Indonesian media Lantai Bursa!

Indonesia's largest financial media portal Lantai Bursa published a large interview about the project Octoin. The Indonesian leader Octoin Diane spoke about the launch of the new OctoinCoin (OCC), Octoin's plans to promote the Indonesian market and prospects for the development of cryptocurrency in this country.

In an interview, Diane said that one of the tasks that the Indonesian Octoin team faces is to release the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency to the largest stock exchanges in Indonesia, in particular, at bitcoin.co.id.

"In addition to launching OCC, we also want to continue to expand our operations, increasing the number of exchanges (transactions)," Diane said. According to her, in particular, negotiations are under way to establish a partner network, so that OCC could be used as a means of payment in shops and shopping centers.

The whole article can be read here http://www.lantaibursa.id

Octoin is an international cryptocommunity dedicated to the development of technologies in the field of blockchain. In January 2018, Octoin launched its own cryptocurrency, which was called OctoinCoin (or OCC).

One of Octoin's ambitious goals is the OCC's release in 2018 to the top-of-the-line crypts that are traded on Indonesian exchanges. This is a modern cryptocurrency, which has the most advanced technical characteristics to date. OCC works on the PoS-algorithm of mining, and also uses SegWit and Lightning Network technologies, which means fast transactions and increased block size. The frequency of block formation per minute allows applying this cryptocurrency as a means for implementing micropayments!

OCC has many advantages, for example, the user can create an unlimited number of addresses in his desktop wallet, and also use the possibility of group hash mining. If you do not have the opportunity to mine yourself, then you can send your coins into a special program and receive a profit from the common mining program.

Indonesia is one of the most important markets for Octoin! There is huge interest of Indonesians in the cryptocurrencies and the success of the Indonesian Octoin Leaders. It shows that Indonesia in the speed of development of the electronic money market will soon have every chance to overtake even such a financial monster as China.