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OctoinConferencesJanuary 30, 2018
Big Conference Octoin in Indonesia! On February 3

Very soon, Octoin will hold another large-scale conference in Indonesia! On February 3, 2018, Big Conference Business Cryptocurrency will be held in the city of Kediri, dedicated to the latest trends in the development of the crypto-currency market and the launch of the new OctoinCoin cryptocurrency.

The event will be held in the fashionable Hotel Grand Surya Kediri (Jl.Dhoho No.95 Kediri,64123) at 13:00 - 16:00 UTC+07. Specially invited speaker is Indonesian Octoin Top Leader Mr. Yayang Agung Sundawa.

082280551119 Akbar Octonizer
082232278989 Fariz Mandala
085733460003 Badrus x-team
085646533331 Bobby x-team
082141557893 Harry x-team

Octoin is an international IT organization dedicated to the development of technologies in the field of blockchain. The Octoin cryptographic platform caused a real sensation in the Indonesian market becoming the most popular tool in the field of cryptocurrency.

In early February, Octoin will take the next step by launching its own OctoinCoin (OCC) cryptocurrency. This is a modern cryptocurrency that works on the PoS-algorithm of mining, and also uses SegWit and Lightning Network technologies, which means fast transactions and increased block size. The frequency of block formation per minute allows applying this cryptocurrency as a means for implementing micropayments!

Join the Octoin crypto community and create your secure future!