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OctoinJanuary 30, 2018
Bidding on Exrates started!

We are pleased to announce the opening of trading in a full-fledged OctoinCoin cryptocurrency on the Exrates stock exchange. Recently, the purchase and sale of OctoinCoin futures started there, and now each user can already enter OCC to the exchange from their wallets, buy and sell OCC coins in pairs with BTC, ETH, and USD.

Also, very soon the Yobit exchange will complete all the preparatory operations and also officially open the trades, free input and output of OCC. In the future, the list of exchanges that support our cryptocurrency will only grow, and the distribution of OctoinCoin will expand.

Therefore, we urge all users not to rush to sell their savings in OctoinCoin, but wait for the connection to other exchanges and, accordingly, the appreciation of the rate. OctoinCoin is a completely innovative cryptocurrency, which now only exists in a certain circle of people, which makes it more scarce and valuable. In this situation it is foolish to sell it at a low price.

Octoin - a new era of blockchain!