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OctoinJanuary 31, 2018
Ethereum Zero is now on our site!

Fork Ethereum Zero occurred and our company fully supported it. Within the framework of partnership and cooperation on our resource, the output of Ethereum Zero will be available.

According to the conditions of the Ethereum Zero fork, ETZ coins were charged as a separate line in the balance of the OCC purse.You can find the balance of your ETZ purse in the panel on the right in the tab with the wallet icon. You will be able to withdraw your funds as soon as the ETZ platform opens this opportunity. To withdraw, you only need to enter the details of your ETZ-wallet in the statistics section.

All questions regarding the fork of the Ethereum Zero and the timing of the start of its transactions, you can ask on the official support channel of Ethereum Zero in Telegram - https://t.me/etherzero_org

Thank you, and follow the news! Octoin - a new era of blockchain!