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OctoinFebruary 01, 2018
Octoin is negotiating with new exchanges!

Dear users! The Octoin team is actively working to make the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency trading on as many trading exchanges as possible.

Connecting new exchanges is a complex technological process that takes time. First, we conduct preliminary negotiations with each exchange. Then the cryptocurrency passes a multi-stage verification system which is carried out by specialists of each specific website. Only after that the cryptocurrency is allowed to trade. Technically, this is also quite difficult, it requires careful work of programmers and other professionals.

At the moment, we have been successfully negotiating with several of the most popular exchanges who are trading the cryptocurrencies. Soon, the list of exchanges on which OctoinCoin is represented will grow by many times.

Moreover, according to the numerous requests of users we are discussing the option of returning p2p exchange. At the moment, negotiations are going on. Legal and technical issues are being resolved. Follow the news on our website!

We thank all users of the Octoin community for their patience! In return, we make every effort to speed up the process of connecting new exchanges!