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OctoinFebruary 01, 2018
ATTENTION! Important news - update!

Dear users of Octoin,

Because of the planned upgrade of the working network, the Octoincoin block system will systematically upgrade to new wallets for all operating system versions. In this regard, the time of transactions and the creation of new blocks will increase. Do not worry - this is a temporary phenomenon.

ATTENTION! To avoid possible problems, everyone who downloaded the wallet and who already has coins on the balance must necessarily make a backup copy of the wallet, so as not to lose them (those who have zero balance yet can just expect an update). How to make a backup copy of the wallet you can read in the instructions on the link:

For Mac: 

For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/backup_wallet.pdf

After the completion of the technical work will need to restore the wallet from the backup.On this we will also write in the news and attach the instruction - stay tuned!

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