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OctoinFebruary 04, 2018
The update is successfully completed!

Congratulations to all users of Octoin! A serious upgrade of the Octoin wallets have been completed. Now the wallets became more convenient to use. Transactions started to go faster. This is an important step in the development of our crypto community.

Attention! In order to avoid any possible problems, everyone who have downloaded the wallets and who have got the coins: you need to make a backup of your wallet in order not to lose the coins. Those of you who still have got zero at their balance can simply wait for the next update. Instructions as to how to make a backup of your wallet you can see here:

For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/backup_wallet.pdf
For Mac: https://youtu.be/JbmoZ4U5XyA

The users who have done the backup earlier should once again make sure that they saved a copy on their computer. After that, you can delete the old version of the wallet.

For Windows:  http://octoin.com/wallet/02d.pdf
For Mac:  https://youtu.be/Qt8gAxL0MR4

Next, install the updated version of the wallet and import into it your backup copy that you created earlier. How to do it (link to the instruction):

For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/restore_wallet.pdf
For Mac: https://youtu.be/07TVWkXyX-s

Users who downloaded their wallets before the upgrade, but who have zero balance can remove the wallets according to the instructions above and simply install the updated version.

There are available versions of instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux. Please use the links below to download, start and use your wallets:

For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/octoin_win_32_64_1.2.1.zip
For Mac: https://octoin.com/wallet/octoincoin-qt-1.2.1.dmg
For Linux: https://octoin.com/wallet/octoin_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu_1.2.1.zip

Thank you for your patience and support! We will continue to improve our platform. Follow the news and wait for new announcements.

Octoin is a new era of blockchain!