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OctoinEventsFebruary 06, 2018
The Media portal Koranmemo.com wrote about the Big Conference in Kediri (Indonesia)!

The Indonesian portal Koranmemo.com published an article about Big Business Cryptocurrency Conference which took place in Kediri on February 3, 2018. The event was devoted to the launch of the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency.

The journalists of the publication noted the great interest of the participants in the new cryptocurrency. In the conference hall of the fashionable Hotel Grand Surya Kediri have gathered more than 500 people: businessmen, finance experts and everybody who are interested in the market of electronic money.

Specially invited speaker of the conference was Indonesian Octoin Top Leader Mr. Yayang Agung Sundawa. He told the guests about the advantages of OctoinCoin. In particular, he noted that the cryptocurrency works on the PoS-algorithm of mining and also uses SegWit and Lightning Network technologies. It means fast transactions and increased block size during the process.

Another feature of OctoinCoin, as experts of Koranmemo.com say, is the possibility of group hash mining. Users who do not have the opportunity to mine themselves can put their coins into a special program on the website and receive a profit from the common profit account.

Full article of Koranmemo.com can be found here http://koranmemo.com