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OctoinFebruary 06, 2018
Wallets for OctoinCoin are available - download faster!

The team of our programmers reports on the completion of work on the creation of cryptowallets for storing OCC - our cryptocurrency. Using wallets, you can store, use and enumerate OctoinCoins.You can also do OCC mining right inside the wallet. Tokens in the wallet are calculated according to the general mining formula in the system and by the second distribution formula of the mining between the users' computers. Full information will be set out in white paper, which will soon be available on our website.

Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available for you. By these links you can download, run and use your wallet.

For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/octoin_win_32_64_1.2.1.zip

For Mac: https://octoin.com/wallet/octoincoin-qt-1.2.1.dmg

For Linux: https://octoin.com/wallet/octoin_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu_1.2.1.zip

Each participant to support the stability of the OCC network at its start should download the appropriate version of the wallet appropriate to its operating system, place on it absolutely any number of OCC and provide the maximum continuous connection with the Internet network.We urge all participants to download and use OctoinCoin wallets - this expands the network, and therefore increases the profit that you can get in the future

Octoin - a new era of blockchain!