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OctoinFebruary 26, 2018
OctoinCoin Explorer is ready!

We have good news for all OCC users and those who are going to become one!

Our team has completed work on OCC Explorer - a site where you will find the complete information recorded in the OctoinCOIN blockbuster - https://occexplorer.com

On the main page, general data on the network is constantly updating: Network (GH / s), Difficulty, Coin Supply (OCC), and OCC's average market rate for Bitcoin.Below is the ability to search for information in the blockchain by any of the parameters, like block hight, block hash, tx hash or just by the address of any purse, and also the ability to watch the interactive journal of the latest transactions in the OCC block system.

View the log for a specific purse address - enter it in the search box of the explorer block and you will be given detailed information about the current balance of this address, incoming and outgoing transactions, specifying dates and amounts. As an option in the right corner of the current window, you will find the QR code of this address which you can use to quickly send coins to it.

On additional tabs TOP100 and IPA - there is information about the 100 largest addresses of the network and instructions for connecting the IPA, respectively.

Evaluate the work of the new OCC Blockexplorer!

Octoin - a new era of blockchain!