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OctoinFebruary 27, 2018
Gatra.com: The Octoin conference in Jakarta is a sensation!

Journalists of popular Indonesian media Gatra.com attended the Octoin conference in Jakarta which took place on February 17, 2018.

The Mega Octoin conference in Jakarta have been a powerful event which aroused the Indonesian crypto community, writes Gatra.com. The event have gathered more than 1000 people: experts, media representatives, finance professionals, entrepreneurs from the cities of Surabaya, Medan, Jogja, Semarang, Makasar and others.

Octoin immediately after entering the Indonesian market has declared itself as a powerful, stable and promising player in the world of cryptocurrency. The main speaker of the conference was Diane Jordan. She spoke about the Octoin project and the secrets of its popularity in the ASEAN countries, the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency and the convenient p2p exchange.

You can read the full article here https://www.gatra.com/rubrik/ekonomi/crypto-currency/309000-octoin-optimis-semakin-diminati

OctoinCoin, as the newspaper reports, having started less than a month ago, immediately entered the list of the most promising "newcomers" on the market. PoS-algorithm of mining, SegWit and Lightning Network technologies, OCCode, possibility of cold storage and transfer of coins by means of code, group hashing... These are only some advantages of OctoinCoin. Experts highly assess the prospects of OctoinCoin, calling it the new "bitcoin" of the ASEAN countries.

Especially Gatra.com noted Octoin's social initiatives and a charity event organized by Indonesian Octoin Leaders at a conference in Jakarta. Octoin considers it important to contribute to the solution of social problems and will continue to initiate various activities in this direction.

Remember, Octoin is your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!