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OctoinMarch 01, 2018
Release OCC Explorer - watch a video about it!

We remind all Octoin users that recently our programmers released OCC Explorer - a service where you can see all the latest information in the OctoinCoin blockchain - https://occexplorer.com. More information about this site and its features you can read in the news by the link: https://octoin.com/news/n236/.There is a brief description of what information can be extracted by each OCC user.

Also, we have prepared a special video in which member of our team, Kate Grace talks about how to use OCC Explorer. There, visually and in turn, consider all the opportunities that it provides. Rather, follow the link and watch it: https://youtu.be/Zg8YwOTOz74. More interesting videos can be found in the corresponding section on our website: https://octoin.com/video/.

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