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OctoinMarch 01, 2018
White paper OctoinCoin!

Octoin team announced the completion of work on the main document (white paper), which contains not only technical data, but also the main steps for the development of the community and our cryptocurrency.

White paper is the main document that confirms the reliability of the project, informs about the future development, distribution of coins and contains a full and detailed description of OctoinCoin: its application, business plan, technology of work and security. It also provides details on the OCC's mining and the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency Roadmap. In the document you can find legal documentation and information about the Team's key people and community leaders.

You can find the full version of White paper following the link https://octoin.com/image/octoin-whitepaper.pdf

The Octoin team recommends that all members of the community get acquainted with the information provided in white paper: product description and information on future developments will help you expand the scope of OCC.

The presence of white paper once again confirms the responsibility and seriousness of the intentions of the Octoin team.

Octoin is your reliable partner in the crypto world!