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OctoinConferencesMarch 11, 2018
The first conference in East Timor!

February, 22 - this day in the city of Dili there was a regular conference, which was organized by our team. This is one of the first major conferences that took place in East Timor or Timor-Leste, as it is also called.

During this event, the speaker Mr Imran, talked about the technology of blockchain, about crypto-currencies and about our project Octoin. The conversation was about the development of this sphere, its prospects and the opportunities for earning money.

Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to the speakers from our team. For us, it is very important to have feedback and open communication with people who are interested in self-development and improve their prosperity.

Our leaders from all over the world will continue to work as actively and develop together with us and our users! And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then be sure to come to the next one!

Octoin - a new era of blockchain !