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OctoinMarch 13, 2018
Watch out for OctoinCoin on Coinmarketcap!

Dear participants of the project Octoin,

Our cryptocurrency has appeared on one of the largest and most famous websites that specialize in listing and preserving data on all major cryptocurrencies. On it you can follow and learn the latest information about the capitalization, price, sales volumes and fluctuations of the exchange rate of OctoinCoin and other cryptocurrencies. A handy toolkit allows you to do it quickly and without any problems with downloads and interface.

Information about our cryptocurrency can be found on the link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/octoin-coin/

This is an important step for the whole of our community, because with the help of this resource a large number of people who can later join us can recognize about the platform Octoin.

Stay with us and wait for the news - soon they will be even more!

Octoin - a new era of blockchain!