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OctoinMarch 15, 2018
Media of Indonesia again writes about OctoinCoin!

Indonesian media continues to pay close attention to the Octoin project which is growing, developing and expanding its geography. Three major Indonesian media published their materials at the same time about the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency which is actively conquering new countries and new users.

Tulungagung Times tells in their article about joining the Team of 188 in the Octoin community. A group of enthusiasts led by Endo Purnomo from the city of Tulungagung is promoting OctoinCoin in this part of Indonesia. "OctoinCoin is a young and promising cryptocurrency. It entered the market only in 2017 and has already taken a stable position in the ranking of the world's leading cryptocurrencies. We joined the project because we believe that OctoinCoin will become one of the leaders of the Indonesian cryptocurrency market in a short time", Purnomo said.

The whole article can be read here http://m.tulungagungtimes.com/baca/168686/20180312/074142/uang-digital-meggeliat-tulungagung-bikin-komunitas/

OctoinCoin is very popular project in the countries of SouthEast Asia, in particular, in Indonesia, writes Tulungagung Times. Thousands of users are already the holders of this cryptocurrency and their number is constantly growing. OctoinCoin is a promising tool for investing money. It is a stable cryptocurrency which is actively traded on crypto-exchanges.

In particular, you can find up-to-date information about OctoinCoin on the Coinmarketcap platform. This is the leading online platform which contains information about all the major existing cryptocurrencies. Here is one important fact: White Paper of OctoinCoin is available in many languages, including Chinese and Vietnamese.

Another article about Octoin appeared on the website of Adakitanews.com which is the largest news media in Indonesia. Journalists noted the powerful pace of growing the popularity of OctoinCoin among Indonesians. Since its launch, the experts have been calling this new OctoinCoin cryptocurrency “the digital gold”. These are the prospects of OctoinCoin, the media writes. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Octoin community grows by new members on a daily basis.

The full version of the article you can read here https://www.adakitanews.com/ramai-ramai-investasi-mata-uang-digital/

Media edition Koranmemo.com also noted great prospects for the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. The most modern technological filling, a powerful team and serious ambitions to become the main digital currency of the ASEAN countries make OctoinCoin a powerful player in the cryptocurrency market. The coin is actively traded on trading exchanges around the world and in just a couple of months has become a popular tool for investing funds.

The article is available at http://koranmemo.com/octo-coin-diserbu-ratusan-peminat/

The Octoin project continues successful forward going in the stormy sea of the cryptocurrency market. Every day we set and solve new ambitious tasks in order to make the holders of OctoinCoin constantly increasing their financial well-being!