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OctoinConferencesMarch 17, 2018
Training conference on trading! 18th of March!

We invite everyone to a new event from the speaker Mr. Purnomo. Already on the 18th of March at 14:00 - 16:00 UTC + 07 in the Tulungagung Istana Hotel (Jalan KH Agus Salim No 73-75, Kenayan, Kec. Tulungagung, Kabupaten Tulungagung, Jawa Timur 66212)

he will hold an event, which will tell you how to start trading with Octoin.

This meeting will be interesting both for beginners and experienced traders. Especially for beginners Mr. Purnomo will tell you how to register on our website and start to mine OctoinCoin. Next, you will learn how to work with the Exrates.me exchange: how to list your OCC there, how to trade your tokens and earn on the course jumps. Also, the speaker will tell a little about the basics of marketing work with Octoin, both offline and online.

If you have any questions about the event, you can clarify them on this phone: 082223269691. And during the conference you can ask any question you are interested in chat.

We are looking forward to you and your partners!