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OctoinConferencesMarch 18, 2018
Learn to trade OctoinCoin at the conference! March 21!

Member of our room in Indonesia Mr. Purnomo continues to conduct training events, on which he talks about various aspects of working with OctoinCoin. The next such meeting will be held on March 21 at 18:00 - 21:00 UTC + 07 in Tulungagung Istana Hotel (Jalan KH Agus Salim No 73-75, Kenayan, Kec. Tulungagung, Kabupaten Tulungagung, Jawa Timur 66212).

The conference will be interesting to everyone, without exception: especially for beginners the speaker will tell how to install and use the OctoinCoin wallet. Those who already trade OCC, will be able to learn how to do it at the Yobit exchange. Also, the speaker will tell a little about the basics of marketing work with Octoin, both offline and online.

Feedback remains the most important part of all our events:during the event you can ask any question that interests you. If you have any questions about the conference, you can clarify them on this phone: 082223269691.

We are looking forward to you and your partners!

Octoin - your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!