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OctoinMarch 19, 2018
Hot news about Whitepaper! Available in Chinese!

We have good news for all project participants who speak Chinese. Now white paper is available for you too. Recently our team has finished translating this important document into Chinese. You can find it by the link:

Also, the English version of the document has long been available. You can read it here:

White paper is the main confirmation of the reliability of our project. This document in detail describes OctoinCoin (business plan, information about technology, security and the mechanism of distribution of coins) and prospects for its development. There you can also find all the necessary information about the Octoin road map and the details of the OctoinCoin mining.A separate chapter describes the first persons of the team, as well as other important participants. In the end white paper, there is presented the legal documentation and anyone can familiarize with it.

We believe that for successful work in the cryptosphere and improvement of personal well-being, each participant of the project Octoin should read our main document, which once again confirms the seriousness and responsibility of our intentions.

Octoin - your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!