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OctoinMarch 20, 2018
White Paper in Vietnamese! The most important thing about Octoin is here!

To be sure of the project in which you participate you must have the most complete information about it - this is the main foundation of trust. This function is performed by a special document - White Paper. It outlines development plans, the main features of technology, details of participants and project leaders, as well as legal documentation.

Our White Paper is already in the public domain, now we are working on translating it from English into other languages (wait for news about this in the near future). At the moment we have already translated it into Vietnamese. All the necessary links you will find below.

You can find the English version here: https://octoin.com/image/occ_whitepaper_eng_01.pdf

The version in Vietnamese can be read by clicking on the link: https://octoin.com/image/octoin-wp01-vi.pdf

Octoin - a new era of blockchain!