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OctoinWebinarsNovember 25, 2017
The first Chinese language course about Octoin

Join  Octoin  webinar  26  November at 21:00 (Beijing time)
Octoin is a business revolution rewriting the pattern of world wealth!

In  this course,  we will analyze in detail the Octoin  complete ecosystem  and 14 major  business  characteristics, and the strategic layout and  commercial value of  Octoin are analyzed. Let's  have  a  comprehensive  understanding of Octoin.

Speaker - Lily Zhang (for mail [email protected])
Leader - Miss Liu (for mail [email protected])

We will talk about platform introduction.

Lecturer LILY comes from Chinese Natural  Selection Community.

Looking forward to your participation!


**This webinar is not official And Is held upon the initiative of Octoin leaders in China.