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OctoinMarch 24, 2018
We continue to translate White Paper, in turn - Indonesian!

Our team does not stop and does not stop its hard work: this time we inform you about the end of the translation of the most important document into Indonesian. All interested persons can read this version by clicking on the link:

Also, in the public domain is the English version:

Working with White Paper once again confirms the seriousness of the intentions of our company. In this main document you can read about the history of the project, about our business plan and the road map of the whole project. Also, in it you will find a lot of information about the technology of mining OctoinCoin, about how you can store and use OCC. At the end of the document, you can read about the leaders and ordinary participants of our friendly team. And, of course, White Paper outlines all the legal documentation relating to our project.

Read White Paper and follow the news - it will be even more interesting!

Octoin - your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!