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OctoinConferencesMarch 29, 2018
The event in Martapura - March 30!

We are pleased to announce the conference in Indonesia. It will be held on March 30 at 14:30 - 17:30 UTC + 08 at Sultan Sulaiman Guest House (Cindai Alus) Speakers: AG Munoto & Panji

During the event, which will be organized by our representatives from Indonesia, many issues related to the blockchain, the crypto-currencies and the prospects for their development will be discussed. Our speakers will talk about our project Octoin, about the program for mining OctoinCoin and a convenient p2p-exchange. Also, snacks and drinks will be provided for all participants.

We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, and ways to earn money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it - come and ask questions: we will gladly answer them! Come by yourself and invite partners!

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