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OctoinConferencesApril 01, 2018
An important meeting of the leaders of Indonesia! April 8th!

We are pleased to announce our new event, which will be held in Tulungagung at 14:00 - 17:00 UTC + 07 in Istana Hotel (Jalan KH Agus Salim No 73-75, Kenayan, Kec. Tulungagung). The main coordinator and organizer of the event is Imran Julianto (082199809998).

Coordination of actions of the Octoin project participants is the most important aspect of the work in our project.This meeting will discuss prospects and plans for the company's development. Also, leaders will be able to share experiences with each other and offer new ideas for the promotion of the Octoin community.

We look forward to all the leaders at this meeting - it will be interesting!
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