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OctoinConferencesNovember 25, 2017
OCTOIN big conference in China

A big OCTOIN conference in ChengDu, SiChuan Province 26.11.2017

Dear Octoin leaders and investors:

Chinese first time Octoin Merchants will be held in ChengDu. It will be Octoin China's first offline conference. There will be many new members and Octoin leaders attending this conference. It will be hosted by Liu Yan. I wish this meeting will be a complete success!

The details of the conference are as follows:
A) Introduction of the opportunity of the Internet era and explanation about the block chain. What is a Bitcoin.
B) Introduction about the Octoin: The establishment, vision, mission, team and planning of the Octoin.
C) Introduction of the ten functions and advantages of the Octoin.
D) Draw a lottery: the third prize is $50 for 5 members.Then a short break for 10 minutes.
E) Introduction about the Octoin website interface function, filling in the registration form.
F) Introduction of the Octoin investment plan and bonus system.
G) Summary of Octoin advantages. Drawing the big lottery, the second prize is $100 for 2 members. The first prize is $500 for 1 member. The award is provided by Octoin China.
H) Location: ChengDu City, SiChuan Province, Paradise of plum blossom International Hotel, 2nd floor Plum blossom Hall.

Time: November 26, 2017 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm.

Welcome Octoin members to attend.

Contact: YuCheng Wang

Wechat: 374370429

Telephone: 15066661801