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OctoinApril 28, 2018
We are at the very beginning of the journey!

We think, we are not the only one who dream of sometimes going back in time and buying bitcoin when it was cheap. Everybody would like to ride a time machine. The recent crisis / correction / bear market forced people to think that the train had left and nobody can no longer earn.

But is there really no chance? We decided to do what the majority neglected: to conduct a simple study.

First, let's answer the question: how many people in the world own at least some cryptocurrency? Counting them is really difficult, mainly because, unlike participants in the modern monetary system, holders of crypto-currencies are pseudo-anonymous. They are recorded in the public register, but it is impossible to directly link these records to real people. The only thing that can be based on approximate calculations is the number of wallets. According to blockchain.info, the total number of BTC wallets is approximately 23.8 million at the time of writing.

It should be borne in mind that one person - does not mean one wallet, you can have as many as you want. Moreover, for security it is recommended to create different wallets for different purposes. If someone owns several commercial bank accounts, this is suspicious. At the same time, having ten crypts is perfectly normal. Suppose that the average holder of a cryptocurrency has one to five wallets.

Now let's see how many people inhabit our planet. According to the worldometers.info, there are about 7.6 billion of them. The population over the age of 15 is 74%, and over 25 years old - 58% (according to worldbank.org). This means that in the world from 4.4 to 5.6 billion adults.

In accordance with the above figures and based on the total number of purses, the number of holders of crypto-currencies varies from 10 to 50 million, while the number of adults around the world is about 5 billion people. Hence, they are only 0.2-1% of the total number of adults. Keep in mind, this is only a rough estimate.

Cliff Hai and his approach to population dynamics.

American analyst Cliff Hai made a number of interesting forecasts regarding bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general.Once he said:

"We are in the situation when, to innovators, about 1.5-3% of the population can be attributed. The next wave is people who join the ranks of bitcoin investors and do not bring anything new into the sphere, they are called early followers or pioneers. Earlier I described this as a process of joining new people, but now, perhaps, I will immediately sum up. If you look at the general population of the planet and assume that perhaps 1.5% of the world's population is involved in crypto-currencies, the next wave will cover 13.5% of the population ... "

If its logic is correct, then we can confidently assume that the era of crypto currency is just beginning, and we are still on an "innovative" wave.And this means that the journey to the world of cryptocurrency is just beginning and now is the time to study the cryptosphere and use it.This will help our team and OctoinCoin - our reliable innovative cryptocurrency, which meets all modern standards!

OctoinCoin - a new era of blockchain!