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OctoinApril 30, 2018
OctoinCoin is officially registered! The rate is rising

We are pleased to announce an increase in the price of OctoinCoin. At the time of writing, its price is $ 4.41, the overall trend is positive.

What is the reason for this? - you ask. First of all,it is connected with the fact that the company is now officially registered in Indonesia, which gives people more reasons to trust OctoinCoin. The impact of this event is very significant, since many holders of OctoinCoin work in the Indonesian market.

Secondly, let's not forget that OctoinCoin temporarily traded at a level below its real value. Therefore, increasing activity is a natural and understandable process. We will do our best to continue it.

Also, we have news that relate to the process of cooperation OctoinCoin with large crypto-exchanges. Unfortunately, OСС did not get to the Indodax voting list. However, we will definitely participate in the next voting, which means that we have more time to prepare for it, and you will have time to register on Indodax and undergo verification. We will certainly continue to continue working to ensure that OctoinCoin appeared on the most serious trading floors and exchanges that work with crypto-currencies.

OctoinCoin - your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!