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OctoinMay 02, 2018
Important announcement! Global technical update!

Dear users,

We notify you that soon a big update of OctoinCoin desktop wallets will take place. Anyone who uses a crypto-wallet and stores there OctoinCoins must update it to the latest version. Otherwise, your funds will be frozen and inaccessible for withdrawal to stock exchanges and other purses.

ATTENTION! It is very important! We ask you not to ignore this news and as soon as possible to update your wallet to the latest version.

You can download it from the links:

Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/occ_win_1.3.1.zip
Mac OS: https://octoin.com/wallet/occ_os_x_1.3.1.dmg
Linux: https://octoin.com/wallet/occ_linux_1.3.1.zip

ATTENTION! We remind you that before updating you need to make backup of the installed purse. How to do it, you can learn from the following links:

For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/backup_wallet.pdf
For Mac: https://youtu.be/JbmoZ4U5XyA

For all questions you are interested in, you can contact technical support

OctoinCoin - your reliable partner in the cryptomir!