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OctoinMay 16, 2018
Attention! As of this Thursday there are major changes in Octoin project!

Dear users,

We would like to inform you about the upcoming changes in the work of the Octoin project.

After the launch of OCC, the main and only goal of the Octoin project is to create the most favorable environment for the development of the cryptocurrency of our community. For this, we used both: temporary auxiliary tools (mining programs, OCC accumulations and partner program) as well as permanent tools (multi-currency purse and P2P exchange platform for OCC and other top cryptocurrencies).

OCC is a technological innovative cryptocurrency with a strong potential for development and extensive functionality. However, the foreign market dictates its own rules for the promotion of the cryptocurrencies as well as their listing on world exchanges which we are forced to comply with. The global blockchain community wants maximum transparency in the quantitative and cost parameters of transactions, thus forcing OctoinCoin to stop all auxiliary programs because these transactions are not fully recorded in the blockchain.

The update process will be launched on the afternoon of 17/05/2018 and will lead to full stop of the affiliate program, mining and accumulation of OCC. After stopping these programs, the system will calculate the accumulated coins that will be credited to the user's internal multi-currency wallet.

Important notice! During this update, changes will not affect the work and functionality of the P2P exchange and multi-currency wallets of the users. They will continue to work in the existing mode without any commissions. We are as loyal as possible to our users. We will remain doing our best for them.

The balances of all cryptocurrencies on the users' multi-currency wallets will be saved and available for further use.

This will allow us to move towards the chosen direction by the new way. All users will be able to mine OCC both on personal desktop purses and in independent pools, which are already being actively introduced by leaders of different countries of our Community. In addition, traders will have the opportunity to trade OCC on world exchanges in different currency pairs. Octoin team conducts in-depth negotiations in this direction.

Work on the development of the project continues. At the moment we are intensively developing our own exchange for the active promotion of OctoinCoin. Our team will keep supply you by interesting up-to-date news and hot announcements on the regular basis!

OctoinCoin is a new era of blockchain!